Motto: Making things happen!

Supporting Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Sierra Leone {SEED-SL} is a non-for-profit and non-governmental organization formed in 2009 to create economic partnerships with the poor, through innovative assistance for entrepreneurship - including direct micro-credit loans in form of equipments and materials(eg: sewing machines) as well as simple business training to Sierra Leonean war affected victims.

SEED-SL is driven by the hope of a better world and inspired by the vision of a society where all people can live independently in justice, good health and peace. We believe that by our activities we can turn that hope into action.

Our  target communities are in the southern and eastern regions of Sierra Leone.

Our Intervention areas are in micro-finance, skill training and peace sensitization.


It all started when Mohamed Salia at age 14,  lent his money for school books ($50) to a widow to re-start a petty trading business, on the condition that she returned the money within two months so that he can buy his text books at the beginning of term, without his father noticing. She started selling cakes again and paid back the money in time. With increased profits she bought another bag of flour to sell even more cakes to feed her family.

At 17 he lent 500 Euros from his friend in Germany for six war affected widows to start up their business enterprises. Today they are economically empowered and sustainable.

Now, at 22, he wants to do more. So together with his team, they have set up the organization SEED-SL to economically empower Sierra Leonean widows and ex-combatant youths to become self-reliant.

Come, let us make it happen!